Dear Madison

Happy Birthday – August 31st

To my dearest daughter:

Well, the day is finally here! I don’t think I will believe it until I actually get to see your face but it’s here. We just got the call at 8pm yesterday that we were going to meet you on Thursday. I instantly got excited and nervous and then wished I hadn’t walked so much to try to get you out on my terms. Haha!

I guess we are going to be two peas in a pod. Your stubbornness is something I am not looking forward to dealing with during your toddler and teenage years (maybe even your next few days) but it’s something that will push you to the greatest heights. Whatever you dream over your lifetime, I am confident you will achieve because of these personality traits you have.

How do I know this already? Because it is your stubbornness that has kept you safely in my womb throughout our “interesting” pregnancy journey.

I have to admit. I am so happy I will have my right ribs back and my heartburn will subside. I cannot wait to see who you look like!

Daddy is hoping for a red-haired, light eyed, darker skin beauty! We will see! But either way, I know you are chunky! 🙂

I’m guessing you’ll be almost 9lbs!

Can’t wait to show you off to the world!


Until then Happy Birthday,


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